Hi! We are Calma-K9,

an expert dog service provider based in

Kensington & Chelsea.


 Calma-K9 is known for its unmatched reliability, being there for our clients 365 days a year, professionalism and discretion. 

We work hard to provide a distinctive level of tailoring around our clients and their dogs.

Our aim has always been to create juxtapose in the pet care industry by offering more than just the ordinary dog walking and the odd boarding in a basement flat.

 We are trained to be competent dog handlers, equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the canine species, with capacity to improve the synchronisation between dog and environment as well as dog and human.   

 It is based in this dog awareness which runs at our core, that makes us stand out and gives us the confidence to say that we can achieve further.

The goal is to make this understanding available to our clients on an ongoing basis. 

Our policy on one person per van means your dog wont be sitting inside a van for hours until all the other dogs are collected to go to the park, it makes us sick to see dogs sitting in a van for 2-3 hours before they make it to the park. 




Our dog walking is designed to stimulate all areas of the dog, from the nose to the tip of the tail!

We focus specially on the dog's mental, social and physical aspect, along with promoting situations where the nose and imagination can also be trigged.   


 (Monday - Friday)

£30 Weekend Walks

Fully Insured.


Our day care complies of two walks, one straight after  we collect the dog from home in the morning so they are ready for a relaxing time at the centre, where they have full access to water and garden at all times; the dog will pick and choose their favourite spot between sofas, baskets or dog beds; to put the cherry on the pudding we finish the day with another walk right before the dogs are dropped back home, to ensure they won't need the toilet and are calm for the owners.

£45/day (Monday - Friday)

£60/day (Sat - Sun)

All dogs must have good social skills.


We are very confident on how great our day cares &  walks are structured and our way to back it up is to offer the night free of charge for the dogs that are  spending the day with us, so basically our boarding consists on the day care plus the complementary night!  


(Monday - Sunday)

We are very comfortable  administrating medication. 


We are here to help! Our training sessions are directed towards preparing the owners to deal confidently with their dogs issues, making sure the communication between dog and handler is occurring correctly up to the task and humans can get the best out of their dogs.  





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